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Health Connections Counseling Services is an organization that will assist individuals, couples and families to address the challenges life provides. You will receive specialized individual attention. When appropriate, specific groups will be offered to you with others who have similar experiences.

No longer to you have to "go it alone" or settle for what has been traditionally available. Now Health Connections is here to help you get well, and stay well, so you can live the life you have always hoped to have.

Relationship Challenges:
Are you experiencing poor communication with your spouse or children? Have you been affected by an affair, divorce, death of a loved one...? Health Connections Counseling Services can help you achieve the home and personal life you desire.

Trauma affects many people in many different ways. Some are victims of abuse, while others may be returning veterans. No matter how you have experienced your trauma it can affect your life forever. Health Connections Counseling Services can provide you with the necessary assistance to overcome your trauma.

Do you find yourself worrying constantly? Is it difficult to go out or function in new situations? Health Connections Counseling Services will assist you in developing strategies to overcome these challenges.

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about alcohol or other drugs, food, sex, gambling...? Health Connections Counseling Services has the expertise to assist you to overcome these challenges and return to a life of normalcy.

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