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"The breadth and depth of the personal and professional experience Ross has, makes him a valuable asset to anyone seeking to achieve greater balance in his or her life."
"Ross is totally honest and straight forward."
"I'm 100% confident I would not have achieved the positive results and success I have had, as a husband, father, friend and professional without his coaching, guidance, difficult questions, insight and caring."
"I've processed issues with Ross that I often hesitated to share with anyone else, including my wife."
"Over a period of 16 months, I consulted with Ross on a regular basis. He was tremendous. His immediate attention to details was terrific."
"Ross never holds back with his advice - he lays it out there, even when it's clear it won't be flattering to me."
"I recommend Ross and Health Connections to anyone that is challenged to balance work, family, social, spritual and all else."
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